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03-31-2013, 02:40 PM
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Originally Posted by eXile59 View Post
So right now there would be a thread for...

Sid's Teeth
Geno's Shoulder
MAF Head
Letang's foot
Martin's hand

Oh yeah that sounds like a great idea. Let's just make the entire first half of the first page about injuries.

Who says that every one of those threads would be constantly bumped? And even if they are so what? That means people are interested in discussing it.

Bottom line is, if a thread is so 'insipid and vapid' then nobody will post in it and it will fall.

Do we need 3 threads on Crosbys teeth? No.
But it would be nice if it was allowed to have its own thread.

Popular threads will rise on their own. Unpopular threads will fall on their own. This has been proven. So what is the problem? Why not let threads stand on their own merit.

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