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03-31-2013, 02:59 PM
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Originally Posted by sobrien View Post
sorry bro, but teams have to build through the draft to be successful. I didn't know sucking for one season and holding out for one of the best prospects to come out in years was the same thing as being the Oilers or the Penguins from a few years ago. Maybe if you took a pill and got a clue, you'd be able to figure out that getting a player like Seth Jones is playing to win for a loooooooong ass time. Getting stuck with the same **** defense as last season =/= playing to win.

You can question my fanhood all you want with quotations, but I know that I'm more of a Flyers fan than you'll ever be, simply because I can accept realism and I know what it takes for this team to improve for the better. But yeah, if you'd like this team to squeak into the playoffs and get themselves embarrassed and land us a 16th overall pick, instead of a 3rd...go ahead and keep that foolish dream alive.

Just remember what got us Philly fans our infamy...booing Santa Claus. And what set those Eagles fans off? The team getting a MEANINGLESS win at the end of the season, moving down the draft board and missing out on OJ Simpson. If you have a shot at Seth Jones in this flukey ass season, you go for it.
yes, bc the last time that we snuck into the playoffs on the last day of the season it ended up being soooo embarrassing for us ...and lord knows we could never beat pitt in the playoffs...o wait

if you dont believe we can win, thats fine...but i still think we can, and i will never hope for us to lose a single game as long as i live.

and your last sentence, implying that you think we should try and lose, makes you a pretty ****** "fan" in my book. but hey, like you said this is philly, so we should all be negative *******s right?

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