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03-31-2013, 04:02 PM
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Originally Posted by DoingItLeBlancWay View Post
HNIC is decent, but we are spoiled by TSN
I like HNIC better. But HNIC needs to fix a few things.

Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
Their shows are professional, very well produced and often feature Canadian artists. You're just mad because Cherry is a Leafs and Bruins fan. Get over it, HNIC is amazing.
HNIC is still the best but they need to get rid of Stock. Healy could probably be replaced as well. It's really starting to go downhill and I think its because the CBC is in a frantic search to find the next Cherry... it's a mistake.

Replace Cherry with Kelly Hrudey's Behind the Mask. Don't bother trying to find the next Cherry because he doesnt' exist.

Get rid of Stock, get rid of Healy... bring back Maclean to the Hotstove with Friedman, Weekes, Hrudey and maybe somebody like Lebrun. Enough with the clown show. Right now it's everyone trying to shout over one another with one idiot trying desperately to be clown enough to be the next Cherry (I may not have big collars but look at my stupid lapels.)

Originally Posted by Et le But View Post
I love how Leafs fans absolutely lose their **** if you dare claim that perhaps Kadri's 20% shooting percentage isn't sustainable and he's not guaranteed to be a 90+ point player for the rest of his career. If you assume that, you can only be jealous.

Kadri is legit unfortunately, but there's a big difference between being a good player and playing like Kadri is right now for a regular 80+ game year. You'd really think they'd have learned their lesson by now - not that Habs fans aren't occasionally guilty of overhyping small sample sizes, but the outright hostility of suggesting Kadri isn't a top 10 center in the league is outright hilarious.

Honestly, Kadri still reminds me of Ribeiro more than anything else. Maybe a slightly better shooter - give it another year before we see how much this current shooting is a fluke, but really the same exact strengths and weaknesses, it's uncanny - ridiculous hands, game defined by playmaking, physically slight, a massive diver/pest that you'd want on your side and would want to murder if he's not. I feel like if I told that to Leafs fans they'd flame me for not suggesting Kadri is more like a cross between Datsyuk and Gretzky.
Same with Paciorretty. A few weeks back he was being declared a superstar... he's not. He's a solid first liner who will pot 30-40 goals and generate shots. Fans get excited when their players go white hot. And to be fair, they've waited a long time for this guy to produce.
Originally Posted by deandebean View Post
Man, can Malkin and Crosby ever play at the same time? I mean, how many games have they had with them both in the lineup at the same time?
It's uncanny how one is always hurt... it's also uncanny how it's never both who are hurt.

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