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12-26-2003, 02:44 PM
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Originally Posted by dragonwyck
I'm sure everyone here finds it extremely amusing that YOU are commenting on someone elses arrogance. Or, is your arrogance more justified than mine because you are a spiffy referree?

Now... like I said, it would, and did, go over your head.... and once again, your logic, or lack thereof, is extremly flawed. The fans of those two teams enjoy winning. They do not enjoy the trap. Ask every one of them if they would rather pay for season tickets to see their teams win games with the trap or pay for season tickets to see their teams win games with a more open style and 99% of them will tell you that they'd rather win games and watch an exciting game than win games and watch a boring game.

Winning is the bottom line. No matter what system the team plays, their fans will keep buying tickets as long as they win. If the fans are truly disappointed in they style their team plays, they will quit buying tickets no matter how well they are doing in the standings.

The trap is putting ***** in the seats for the teams who play it.

And your personal attacks aren't accomplishing anything but pissing people Thalia has expressed.

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