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03-31-2013, 04:16 PM
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Originally Posted by hyperboy View Post
so your saying like 4mil for smid when people like del zotto and subban took 3.75 mil on 2 year deals? we'd have to be getting a long term deal done for that to happen

to say give gagner between 4.75mil and 5.75 mil is insane this is his first really good season, i'd say give him khabby money on a 2 year deal like del zotto and pk got to prove this is just a 1 year thing. giving gagner 475-5.75 is as dump as horcoff's contract
You realize that those are bridge RFA contracts, correct? Not even close to the same scenario as Smid, who is an upcoming UFA, and one of the best UFA's on the market if he makes it there. Take a look at recent signings of top Unrestricted Free Agents. Comparing to RFA's is like comparing apples to meatloaf.

If you give Gagner only 2 years, he is a UFA in two years and will cost even more. Gagner at 4 - 5 million is in line with what other second line centers are paid as well. How many years do you expect Gagner to take the short term "let's see how you do next year" deal? That's the type of deal he's on now, and was on for his last contract too. Lets not act like either of these deals I proposed are unprecedented or out of the norm.

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