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03-31-2013, 03:26 PM
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IMO Shero made an offer, but wasnt trying to win. He didnt have to. we aleady got Morrow, who canplay on any of the to 3 lines and presumably fit in, and lets not take away from th reality that Bennet showed he was capable of NHL play up and down the rink. it was a first with two players off the non untouchable list of Calgary's choice. There is as uch specualtion that Calgary never really did ask Iginla if he would go to Boston... that it was assumed he would because theywere contenders, or that they were a second choice for him if the Pens didnt offer. Perhaps Calgarys GM was just using the Bruins to try to drive up the pens price, but when there was no moement he was stuck tryig to convince Iginla to go to Boston... The only thing known is Boston got screwed through no fault of their own. My guess is it was Feaster who ultimately did that screwing, either intentionally or through incompetance...

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