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03-31-2013, 03:42 PM
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Originally Posted by RoadTotheCup View Post
Yep Felipe as potential, but this season just doesn't work for him yet. There is still some time the season is young for him and the club.

A long shot but yeah Kaka would be
I would honestly think it would be plausible if Kaka didn't have such a huge salary at Madrid, and if he was a bit older. I'm sure Nesta could put Montreal on Kaka's map. We all know that chances are that if/when he comes to the MLS he will probably go to New York or LA, but if Nesta speaks really highly about Montreal, who knows what can happen?

Right now Kaka's salary is 17 million Euros, which is 21 million USD. Now I doubt that after his years at Madrid that money is something important for him. Hes got some leftover, I'm pretty sure. None the less, I think its safe to say that Kaka would expect & deserves something in between 4 to 7 million as a salary (His own sponsorship deals could pack him a couple of millions as well). Can Joey afford that? Hard to tell. It depends on his estimations. Kaka brings something extremly powerfull on the marketing point of view. Will it balance out at the end of the line making it a good investment? Hard to say.

And last of all, Kaka has been getting call ups to the Brazilian national team as of late. With the World Cup in Brazil next year, going to the MLS could eventually make him lose his spot in the national team. Players like Robbie Keane can still play in their national team whilist playing in the MLS because the caliber of his national team is significantly inferior to the calbre of the Brazilian national squad.

But one can dream! If you guys told me we would have Alessandro Nesta in our team 1 year ago day for day, nobody would believe you. We barely even had Matteo Ferrari at this time last year. IIRC, we used to joke about having Nesta with the Impact on these boards last year

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