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03-31-2013, 03:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Roadman View Post
I' m not sure a first for Brassard is anything more than a lateral move at best. Basically you're hoping that the pick becomes, in a couple of years, what Brass is now. Not every first rounder is a top line player. Certainly not right away.

Brassard has not become the player everyone wanted him to be. But that doesn't mean he needs to go for whatever offer comes up. This team is offensively challenged and like it or not will continue to be until such time as prospects/ draft picks have the time to develop. He has skills this team needs. I am not opposed to trading him but I would expect that we would get a player (winger) that can match his production or a couple (prospect/pick) that offer a reasonable chance to surpass him.
I think what's most attractive about it is a chance to start over and do things the right way. Plenty of good players are found in that 20-30 range, and even if it only gets us another player like Brassard, it may be addition by subtraction, as getting rid of his salary may help us move in a different direction this summer. It allows us to grow with an entire fresh crop of youngsters, and Brassard is really a guy that we have little use for right now, as he isn't being used to his full potential ... he needs scoring wingers to be at his best, and we simply aren't stocked up with those guys.

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