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Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
This. I will be really pissed if we lose Eller and tbh you can never have enough promising D men. We still don't know who will pan out the best. We need to learn from our mistakes. The Habs have proven themselves to be a terrific team this year even when missing Diaz, Bourque and Prust. Can we just have faith in them without going for a mediocre player thinking that we are going to win the Cup this year (only if we add someone)?

Everyone says, "but what if this doesn't happen again?". That's nonsense. We aren't here by fluke and we're only getting better. Plus if we have a so so regular season and come 6th, is that the end of the world as long as we're continually developing our prospects to eventually take on the Hawks model.

It's funny how we say how good we are cuz of this year's reg. season, but don't trust what the team can do in the playoffs and then also say that we can't waste a 2nd or 4th year finish because it may never come again, ignoring what we might do in the playoffs.

I'm sure Bergy will make the right move and that is most likely doing nothing. If he gets Clowe for something reasonable, fine, but I like the way the team is, if we could only get healthy again, we wouldn't need Clowe (who at this point is just projected to do something useful at some point).
This. Based on how little Calgary got for Iggy, there is no way Begevin gives away anything significant for a ufa that walks back to the usa on july10th. Ryder for Cole was smart management. It turned out good for us with Ryder producing and Cole more or less doing the same in Dallas as he did here.

I would only give up a late pick and a player off the Bulldogs that is not a first rounder in any trade on deadline day. I like the way our team is now, and lets not make too many changes. Chemistry takes time to build and we have it with our guys, just based on the way the guys have played through injuries. There is strong leadership in that room and we would be best served to leave it alone.

Many posters here and the crazy trade proposals you guys sound like you are trading hockey cards. Lets just add a depth player, one that can walk in the summer. Make the splash at the draft and during free agency, this is a rebound year and lets build upon it rather than tear it all apart with no guarantees of anything.

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