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Originally Posted by habfaninvictoria View Post
I don't think anyone truly believes he doesn't have an eye for talent. Being talented and being a good leader don't go hand in hand. He had the brains for the gig, but not the leadership qualities.

He's probably in the exact right job for him now. A good leader makes decisions based on information he gathers from people they trust. I think that in general PG was an insecure micromanager... not a great combination... particularly if they are very knowledgable. That personality tends to alienate people.... that's fine if you live in a bubble... Montreal is a fishtank. His worst moves were probably ones that he felt cornered to do... McDo... Kabs.... Anyhoo.

He and Timmins have given us a deep pool... lets not empty it for a one shot deal... build a team to be competitive year in year out.
I refuse to believe that Gauthier was responsible for the Gomez trade. I pin that one on Gainey, who in his management career familiarized himself with the personnel on every NHL team. The Kaberle trade was Gauthier's responsibility. However, even that wasn't bad except in terms of money because Spacek wasn't doing much for the Habs.

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