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03-31-2013, 05:18 PM
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Originally Posted by CB Joe View Post
I think he's calling out ownership to invest money in the team and stop looking at it in a dollar and cents point of view.
No doubt owners are the ones that have the final word on organizational philosophies but he called out management.

It does seem the owners generally have a very hands off philosophy when it comes to Avs, letting PL run the show because of the goodwill he build with Stan Kroenke during the championship era.

I don't think the owners are the problem with the Avs. The team probably isn't expected to spend to the cap until they are more ready to contend, but that's not a problem. There hasn't really been many affordable UFAs lately. Parenteau was money well spent and Avs offered Suter/Parise contracts. I think when the time is right, the money will be there.

I think the problem is an antiquated style of management, as evidenced by the O'Reilly fiasco. A complete lack of flexibility almost led to us trading one of the best players Avs developed in the last decade.

Anyway, all this is OT and probably belongs in one of the other threads where we complain about Lacroix/Kroenke, so I'll end there.

I was surprised that LeBrun had heard a lot about O'Brien being available. It does seem like Avs are trying to move a defender at least.

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