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03-31-2013, 05:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Mats86 View Post
Gainey was a changed man after his daughter drown. We were headed in right direction until about '06.
A tragedy it was but we can't just forgive and forget the irreperable damage caused by Gainey after that accident. He should've stepped down and his refusal to do so tarnished his legacy and his image. You either give 100% or you take time off until you can.

Originally Posted by overlords View Post
You refuse to put any blame on the head pro scout after we made one of our worst trades involving pro players in recent memory? Welp, ok.
How much blame does Timmins get for our draft busts? How much credit do our scouts get for every amateur pick? Etc. The buck stops with Gainey for every move committed during his reign good-or-bad. Gauthier may have ranted and raved about Gomez's quality but Gainey is the one who traded for him so Gainey gets the blame, everything else (until proven otherwise) is conjecture and speculation.

Besides, Gomez could've had 60-70pt numbers and he'd still be a god-awful contract and a god-awful trade. It was a bad trade and an awful july 1st and that's all on Teflon Bob.

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