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03-31-2013, 05:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Heyoooo View Post
Come on, you really think Stepan is gonna AGREE with controversial comments from Avery in public?

Youre not really that naive are you?

Every interview is politically correct.

I can only imagine Stepan going "yeah, we suck, its time Torts got fired, we dont like playing this ******* system."

I wasnt the biggest fan of Avery, but hes got nothing to lose here and still KIT with the players, some of which are friends for life in Hank, Gaby, etc. Hes absolutely right, whether you hate him or not.

Who does Avery have to answer to with this comment? Nobody.

He didnt get a fairshake from Tortorella, like we are currently witnessing with so many others (Kreider, Gaborik, Zuccarello, etc.)
It's equally naive to think that a guy who you yourself said "didn't get a fair shake," has no axe to grind here. Sure, he has "nothing to lose," by trashing Torts, but he also has something to gain from doing so. If Avery can convince people that Torts is an idiot, than Avery didn't lose his NHL game, get demoted, get passed on by every team in the league and the quit. Instead, he was a fine NHL hockey player that got screwed out of his position by a "clown" coach. Guess which narrative he'd prefer to be the one attached to him?

Also, this sob stories about players not getting a fair shake are absolute fabrications. Gaborik got a very, very fair shake. He had two of the best seasons of his career with Torts and was a first line forward the entire time until very recently, when his garbage play got him demoted. Kreider, say what you will, I don't see a guy who deserves more than he's getting at all. The team sucks so people want him getting max minutes - easy to say when you're a poster on a website and not even a little bit responsible for the outcome of an expensive and important asset like Kreider is to NYR. Zucc struggled to make it in the NHL, was up and down from the A, finally found his spot and then got injured. Now, he's back and Torts gave him more minutes than anyone the other night. These are all fair ways to treat players. Torts isn't a perfect coach by any means, but that doesn't give any credit to these sob stories.

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