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08-15-2006, 12:09 AM
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Cristobal and David are 2 friends that will back each other up.
I remember bob sayin last year that he wasnt paying attention to the comments that were said a day or 2 after the last game because they were still too high on emotions...I really dont expect Aebi to be traded unless it s for a big one
Considering his performance first from last year, Cristo is a lil higher, and he definately deserves the spot
However who will have the spot will be decided on the ice
1.9 is a lil expensive for a number 2 but is it for a 2nd number one?
Or what would you prefer ? Huet and a number 2 making probably around even a million less, and being worried if Huet s tired, or even maybe in deep **** if he sux and we we don t have Aebi anymore?
And trading a capable number 1 goalie for a draft pick now is totally ridiculous
At least start the season and wait until his value raise
We ll have two number 1 goalies and some teams are gonna need him...
Otherwise well we will still get a pick for him....
(remember last year ?)

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