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03-31-2013, 06:30 PM
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Originally Posted by dulzhok View Post
He's not a very good player, not a very good leader, and his lackadaisical attitude is evident on the ice and off the ice. Those are the main reasons.

He's one of the only player's Poile has called out for his lack of effort.

I've never heard such a thing he turned down an letter (other than on this board). I do know he wasn't even in consideration when Sullivan's A became available (Fisher, Erat were).

Maybe he doesn't want an A (not surprising with his attitude), but he shouldn't have one anyway. Last time we saw consistent effort from Legwand was in his contract year. Been a perimeter player ever since (a sucky one at that).

He maybe part of the reason for our mediocre success but he's also a big reason our success is mediocre.

That's quite a lot of blame for one player. And his stats aren't exactly lacking compared to the rest of the team. He's no a star player, but nobody has been this season. Sounds like you've got a personal problem with the guy, kicked your dog maybe?

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