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Originally Posted by Et le But View Post
We really don't know who was the mastermind of that trade, all the more reason that the number one culprit was Gainey. Gauthier had plenty of power back then and could certainly be considered part of the problem since he's responsible somewhere between coming up with the idea of that trade and not objecting to it enough, but ultimate it was Gainey's trade.

Gauthier should have probably never been GM as he was a bad leader and was too close to Gainey to really bring us new ideas, but I find it ridiculous that he's portrayed on this board as a cartoon supervilian responsible for everything from Fischer over Giroux to the lack of size on the team to Gomez. All we know is when Gauthier had the last say, he made some bad moves himself but nothing nearly as destructive as the Gomez trade that we would still be suffering from if the new CBA didn't bail us out.

As a player and a human being I have nothing but respect and support for Gainey, even as an executive he was successful until after 2006, at which point he got increasingly erratic and by his last year seemed to have lost all judgement. It's horrible what he has dealt with and it's possible that Gauthier was the one pulling the strings after that, it's also possible Gauthier was just one voice of many and responsibility lies with the entire front office, especially the boss.

I'm not trying to make Gauthier into a good GM, because he wasn't, but based on what we know and the situation he inherited, he seemed more mediocre than terrible, a continuation of the status quo. But it's ridiculous how he's scapegoated for everything.
I can't say how much credit or blame Gauthier should get for Gainey's moves while GM, whether good ones like the Gorges trade, or bad ones like the Gomez trade.

But I do know this: Gauthier himself did not make only bad moves.

First of all, he got us a first-round draft pick who was already in the pros, Lars Eller, for a half-time goaltender, in a market where goalies do not fetch much if not other goalies.

He is also the one who moved up to draft Tinordi, and also picked Ellis, Beaulieu, Dietz, Gallagher. He traded for Bournival. He is the one who got some extra picks while moving Gill and A. Kostitsyn and Cammalleri.

After years and years of failure, it was Gauthier who succeeded in convincing Alexei Emelin to come over, and who signed free agents Diaz and Budaj.

So while I blame Gauthier for several BAD moves, he also had a part in forging the nucleus of this club.

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