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Some numbers of Desharnais, Eller and Plekanec at the same age and this season. See the results and make your own opinion.

IMO, I think the debat between the two mans, Eller-Desharnais, will be very similar to Price-Halak in some time. But this time the people choice, Desharnais, have the position of strength versus the hockey decision, Eller, in the depth chart for now and its the complete opposite of the first situation, Price-Halak.

How many time they will put Desharnais on a "piedestal" at detriment of Eller?
When they will give a fair chance to Eller, without 3 injury or a plane crash, to succeed in a more offensive-mind role? How good he need to be for get some recognition by the staff? Is not the next Wayne Gretzky but he have play some great hockey this year and I don't know if he can be a lot better than that because is really good and EFFECTIVE this year.

Each times this guy touch the puck in neutral zone and/or offensive zone you can see how much space he can created on ice for himself and his teammates; unfortunately, Galchenyuk hit a "mini-slump" and have difficulty to appear on the sheet lastly, Armstrong is Armstrong and Prust are not recognize for his offensive production. He is a little bit too fancy with the puck in is own territory and he don’t seem to realize the danger of playing like that close of your net but this guy are really young and he is already a beast in your own territory. He will only become better with time, maturity and experience.

I have no trouble to see Eller playing a 3rd line role “a la Jordan Staal” in Pittsburgh but we don’t have the firepower of Malkin and Crosby for top 2 center of the team and the use of Eller in that role become more a waste than a good choice, IMO, because the center in front of him are not really better than he his. When we will have two centers who are really better than Eller the Habs will be a perennial Stanley Cup contender.

The hockey sense of Eller are often questioned but IMO he is a lot better of what people think and he don't have the credit he deserve. I think the way he play the game, european style, are just unconventionnal for some fans and they are more confortable with a conventionnal player; see north american player. Eller just don't see the ice and don't use that the same way.

The slogan "No Excuses" doesn't apply for Desharnais? Get this guy out of the PP and give Eller some time if you want to be fair, he earn this. And of course, with the length of the new contract of Desharnais how they will use Galchenyuk in the next few years because the easy minutes Desharnais will play cannot be play by Galchenyuk and if Desharnais don't play in that role he become useless and less effective.

At least, if you want to invest in a unidimensionnal offensive center why they are not waiting for Ribeiro in the summer; at least this guys are a beast with the puck, a pp specialist and a shootout specialist at the very least he bring some great intangible and production to the table for a higher price but better production. And he can make look is winger a lot of better, see free goal at the door post, and we can’t say this with Desharnais because is always playing with the better winger of the team and we don’t know if Desharnais make his winger look better or the opposite but this year I take the option #2.

PS: Sorry for my poor english “a la Gratton”, I’m a QC guy

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