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08-15-2006, 07:18 AM
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Originally Posted by kickice View Post
not an 'odd' jersey as such, but I own Petr Prucha's road game worn pre-season jersey from last season, the one he scored his first Ranger goal in I think? It has the number 58 on it, rather than his now regular Rangers number, so I guess that makes it a bit unusual and almost unique (My avatar pic is the very jersey I own).

The tale of how I got it goes like this, and it shows how Prooch caught a lot of people by surprise last season.

Meigray sell Rangers game worn jerseys, and last season, the pre-season jerseys where being used in the first few weeks of the regular season as well. So not as many jerseys where available. But cos Prooch wanted a different number when he made the team, they had his 2 pre-season jerseys to sell. And I snapped one up at a time there was not much call for them. They where on Meigrays website for a while with no buyer! I got it at a reasonable price for a game worn - basically cost me not much more than if I'd bought a pro jesey and got it professionally crested with name and numbers.

It wasn't till later in the season, that Meigray realised how big a star Prooch was gonna be that season, and upped the prices of the jerseys. So noway could I have ever afforded one, so I count meself lucky to snag his pre-season jersey when I did!

Thats cool man, again to show how little most people payed attention to Prucha early on in the season. I had no idea he even wore #58. Nice find

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