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Originally Posted by onice View Post
At the time of the trade Halak was not considered a half time goalie. After a spectacular playoff He was looked upon as a goalie on the verge of becoming first class. Eller may have been a first round pick but there were questions. Gauthier didn't win or lose this trade. He traded an excess asset for an equal quantity in an area we were short. When comparing assets he didn't win the trade.

He may have moved up to get Tinordi but it was Timmins that told him Tinordi was worth it.

He didn't pick Ellis, Hudon, Dietz or Gallagher. Again that was Timmins. There are two fallacies with you attributing the credit for those players to Gauthier.

First fallacy it requires an enormous amount of time to scout just once all the junior players in North America. If Gauthier actually did that then he wasn't performing his GM duties and was wasting Molson's money by having Timmins doing the same thing. Fallacy two if he didn't scout the players then what was he doing giving his input on players he never watched?

He traded O'Byrne for Bournival. The jury on that trade is still out. We could still come out on the losing end.

He got picks for Gill, Andrei K & Cammaleri? Really? You're giving him credit for getting picks? Did he set the bar so low that you expected him to get nothing for those players?

Signing Emelin...okay I'll give him that.

Signing Diaz & Budaj.......I'll give him that also.

So basically that's three. A broken clock is right twice in one day. Gauthier in 2 and a half years was right three times. Once more than a broken clock in one day.
With the benefit of hindsight we could all be geniuses and your evaluations are way off. I don't like Gauthier but you can't be so biased as to not give him any credit. And yes, I think draft choices for Gill and Kostitsyn were a good return... it is more than you would get today.

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