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03-31-2013, 08:41 PM
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Some guy did the math on the main board. Basically we have made it into the playoffs absent an amazingly unlikely scenerio as we are closer than we think we are as a lot of the teams below us play one another more than once, so one of the two are guarenteed to lose. Here is the mathmatics that he came up with:

'Assuming the Pens go 0-12 Montreal, Boston, Ottawa and Toronto can get ahead of them based solely on their games against teams out of the playoffs.

Here's what could happen to get the teams in

Pitts goes 0-12

Montreal: Wins against Philly, Washington, Buffalo, Philly, Pittsburgh, Tampa, Washington (puts them at 63 points minimum)

Boston: Wins against Buffalo, Islanders, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Florida, Philly, Tampa, Washington (puts them at 62 points minimum)

Ottawa: Wins against Buffalo, Florida, Tampa, Philly, washington, pitts, wash, philly (puts them at 60 points minimum)

Toronto: Wins against Philly, washington, islanders, tampa, florida, Montreal, Montreal (puts them at 58 points minimum)

New Jersey: Wins against Islanders, Buffalo, Philly, FLorida, Pitts, Boston, Toronto, Boston, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal (puts them at 61 minimum)

Winnipeg: Wins against Islanders, Montreal, Philly, BUffalo, Florida, Tampa, Islanders, Buffalo, Washington, Montreal (puts them at 58 minimum)

NY Rangers: Wins against Winnipeg, Pitts, Pitts, Toronto, Toronto, Islanders, Philly, FLorida, Buffalo, Jersey, Florida, Jersey (puts them at 59 minimum)

Carolina: Any 13 regular/OT wins. (puts them at 58 minimum)'

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