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03-31-2013, 10:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Goalie guy View Post
Yes it did! the only player in red skating and making some effort out there! do you want him to put on the goal pads, score, be our leading hitter, passer, shooter? we know he can do it all! it is thoughts like yours why he will be leaving this sinking ship next year! no one to play with. oh wait you must think Abbie and Dan useless are top players right? This is a big **** sandwich that Kenny has on his hands and we are all going to have to eat it!
No I am just tired of he is the only heart and soul guy. That is seriously impossible, there have never been only one leader on a team even the mighty Yzerman had guys helping him over the years. There is a serious devaluation of Zetterberg in order to love Datsyuk. They are both extremely important, this team is just as rudderless without Zetterberg as we saw today.

Datsyuk will leave because he has always intended on finishing his career in Russia. Not any of these crazy theories or a lot of the other stuff people throw around. He would be giving this the same thought if he had Hossa and they were tearing apart the league. We never hear that Datsyuk is unhappy with his teammates, in fact we often hear quite the opposite. He only wants to play in Detroit if he stays in the NHL, he is very close with some of the guys people think he hates and wants to do away with.

Our best players were most of the bottom six players this past game, not Datsyuk and that was a big part of the *** kicking we took today and why he looked so frustrated. You can say it was his teammates, but Datsyuk gets mad at himself first, really always has and that is what he looked like today.

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