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03-31-2013, 10:20 PM
Cake or Death
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thats a ridiculous statement.. iam sorry but thats such an unfair assessment.. No fundamentals? are you kidding me? to take the amount of young players he has in the last 4yrs to turn them from prospects into great players.. we havent seen DZ hags step callahan mcd staal girardi become the players they have become under torts... we played like a group of 5 last year, or no? to make it to the ECF isn't a fluke, its good coaching and players playing like a team.. this year we have no identity and lost a lot of the glue guys that led the team so to speak and created out identity which the team followed and admired.. what a joke of a statement..
I've been skating and playing for 41 years, since I was 4, and imo this is a terribly coached team. Torts has sucked since he got here and they are horrible at fundamentals. I've been saying this exact thing when this team wins or loses since he got here, and my opinion will not change. My f-in pets could get more PP production than this.