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03-31-2013, 11:30 PM
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Mike Smith to Toronto

James Reimer for Mike Smith why or why not ? Would phoneix do this, i personally think this would be a perfect fit for toronto.

I say Reimer because i dont believe scrivens would be enough for phoneix to trade, and Reimer would appeal to Phoneix.

Postives -

Playoff experince
From Ontario, may be a lure to resign to lengthy term
has many good years left
Strong goalie, keeps phoneix in games they shouldn't be
Strong play behind the net and puckskills.
Not overhyped(like luo) , wouldn't have a unrealistic "toronto standards" to play to.

Negatives -
Tippets defensive system does assist him, Toronto does not play like this
Injury/inconsistent play this season. However i'm sure attributed to flux in the franchise and contract talks.

Reimer is an ok goalie, up and down spurts. In the two most speculated trades in Bobby Lou

Toronto loses a centre in bozak etc... and Reimer is downgraded to Backup for 5 seasons.

Kipper would be cheap , come in help Reimer etc... however i feel Smith is a starter wants a contract to be one, has long term viability and a great hockey fit for the leafs. Overall would be a better goalie than Remier would end up being.

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