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03-31-2013, 10:31 PM
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Originally Posted by eva unit zero View Post
I said rank Fedorov on his performance. That means "he scored at X level, and had X defensive capability, etc.", and it doesn't mean "He had the skillset to score 100 points, so count him at that."

Do you understand the difference?
I understand fine. I'm not the one changing Fedorovs stats and and saying what he should have done in what if situations.

Zhamnov was also better in the NHL than anyone Fedorov played on a line with in his entire career.
Really hope you're kidding with this statement.

I addressed that under "performance vs. skillset" didn't I? A player who scores 48 points in 80 games every season for three seasons, then the next season scores 35 points in 70 games, are they a 48-point player or a 35-point player? Pretty large gap. If you account for the difference in GP, it's a drop from 48 to 40 (at 80 GP). That's not assuming the player improves or reduces pace; it's simply a mathematical expression of their PPG. Which, given a reasonable sample size (~60% of intended total, or 50GP for an NHL season), can be extended in such manners.
What are you talking about? All I've said was that Selanne dealt with several injuries in San Jose and especially in Col. You jst chalked it up as seasons that Selanne didn't have Kariya. It's a little more complicated than that. And again Fedorov played with rediculous talent in 02 and only have 68 points.

No, Selanne had many better linemates than McDonald. But Fedorov had none who were better than McDonald (at least at that point in their careers).
Like Who?

Because having one of the top-three defensemen in the league on each of your first two pairings isn't helpful at all.
I suppose Fedorov never played with Howe, Fetisov, Chiasson, Konstantinov, Coffey, Lidstrom, Chelios, Mike Green?

Fedorov scored 120 points playing with Slava Kozlov and Dino Ciccarelli. He had four consecutive seasons where he was on pace for and/or scored 100 points, AND was top-four in Selke voting.
Selanne had 4 actual 100 point seasons and led the league in goals 3 times. I'd give their season scoring finishes again but you just ignore that.

Selanne: 79GP, 40-68-108
Fedorov: 78GP, 39-68-107

Fedorov's GPG/APG/PPG: 0.50-0.87-1.37

So if we assume that Fedorov plays the one missing game, and scores at the same rate, he gets a goal AND an assist and ends up with a line of:

Fedorov: 79GP, 40-69-109

Which beats Selanne's. Using simple PPG will get Fedorov to 108. Reversing it and taking Selanne to Fedorov's GP gets either 39-67-106 or 107 depending on GPG+APG or just PPG.

Regardless, Fedorov clearly was the more frequent scorer no matter how you put it.
Maybe my math is wrong but if a player has a 1.37 PPG and plays ONE game it's not easy to assume he'd get TWO points. Here's another case of you changing history. Selanne had the same PPG while having more goals and more points and you say Fedorov was "clearly" better on offense.

Disagree considerably.
Then I guess this debate can go no further. If you only respond to one part of this then please resold to this. Clearly there's no way you will ever believe that Fedorov is on a level below where you hold him. We'll have to just agree to disagree here because I don't understand how you can't see that Selanne had more great seasons than Fedorov. I'm sure it's just the opposite view in your case. But we're really just going in circles here.

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