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03-31-2013, 10:32 PM
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Originally Posted by thebinne4pres View Post
Points always points.....don't matter how, why or when somebody's always about points in the end....

Here's a point for you.....down on his ass and puck hit tim. 1 points

Here's another point......if you wonder, he is the one making the small pass behind the Price's net.

And of course...on Pacioretty's goal

You see....all players got those points which they didn't really diserve.
And sometimes, players do incredible play....and don't get point for them.

So the defense of "he made as many points as" ridiculous.

They're is so much more than points that matters.
Why do we keep Prust? Why do we keep Gorges?

Cause they bring more than offensive to the teamwith them, they are usefull in many ways.....just like Eller does (most agressive forechecker on the team....without competition right now), and Eller also bring defensive awareness, size, lots of hits and a really good offensive output considering his icetime/linesmates/NOPP and evertything else, can play wing or center, can play 2nd-3rd-4th line if needed. least i, don't trash DD for his offensive production, which is a big plus for the team......but he doesn't bring ANYTHING else to the table as Eller does.....well, he brings a very poor defensive game. which is a big minus for the team...both are cancelling each other out!!! What does he brings then?
Seriously, now you're just reaching. You can find those types of points for any player in the NHL.

The goal against the Rangers... if that was anyone else, you would be praising them for going hard to the net. Desharnais? You whine about him going to the net to bash him. PS. The puck didn't hit him, he tried to kick it to his stick and got taken down.

Second goal.. again, if it was another player it would be "Great breakout pass to create a good scoring chance." Desharnais? "Oh look at that tiny pass.. what a lucky guy." Fact is, Desharnais got back and got the puck out of trouble before giving a good outlet pass to Gallagher.

Third goal? I'm not even going to bother commenting on that because that was obviously a lucky goal.. and a lucky point for Pacioretty too. Desharnais has had plenty of great passes that didn't end up in the net because of great saves, etc. It evens out.

Eller and Desharnais aren't competing for the same spot. Just like Et Le But said. Eller is a 2-way forward who is being used in that spot and doing a fantastic job

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