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03-31-2013, 10:41 PM
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Originally Posted by blueandgoldguy View Post
Wii U continues to have disappointing sales

Expect disappointing numbers for March as well. Wonder how the first 3 months of sales compares with the Wii?

When the **** are they going to come out out with a big first party title like Zelda, Kirby or Smash Brothers? That open sandbox Lego City: Undercover game looks promising but will it be enough to improve sales?

C'mon Nintendo, get your **** together.
Obviously noone wants to pay $350 without any significant new games.

I got Majora's mask downloaded onto the Wii console now so I'm happy.

I also picked up a gamecube, gameboy player and Minish Cap for about $120 for all 3 this last fall, so I am totally set.

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