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03-31-2013, 10:42 PM
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Originally Posted by RoadTotheCup View Post
We can't blame Bernier, the opponents finally catch up. The transition and the play-making pass by him almost every time since nobody else is doing a thing. You can't ask him everygame to destroy the other team offensive and do most of the work offensively, he can't play 90mins like these for a full season.

Felipe, blame the formation all you want, is doing nothing and is not there. Even if this is not the optimal formation for him he should be able to contribute more than this. Arnaud is playing is best but is very limited.

Right now take Bernier out like KC have done last night and the little play-making the team have is gone and our midfield is weak.

This team have not yet find is dominating midfielder. With the 4-1-4-1 if you are not strong in the midfield you are done. So either we get better there or we are trying something new.

Still giving credit to KC, but even in victory it was the same point we needed to improve. We can't just wait for errors from the other team, when they give you nothing like yesterday and you can't create an control the play you are not gonna win like that.
I don't want to say Pisanu would've solved all of the problems last night, but along with Bernier, he's been a great playmaker this year. We clearly missed him last night.

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