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Originally Posted by GreatKeith View Post
Oh god did anyone see that injury Kevin Ware had in the NCAA tournament? His bone was outside of his skin! I won't post an image because it made me sick just seeing it...
Yeah i mentioned it in the other thread, gotta be the worst injury i have ever seen
I'm usually ok looking at stuff like that but this was next level gruesome.

I really feel for the guy his basketball career is over before it even started. The NCAA really mistreats their players i read this article explaining how college basketball players are not paid while NCAA basketball makes some $780 Million a year frorm this tournament whats worst is there is a chance him and his family will have to pay the medical expenses NCAA appaerenly rarely Covers medical bills. He might even have to pay for the rest his education because most likely he did not have a full 4 year scholarship.

If all this does happen, well it really sucks for the kid and his family/future and should not be happening

There are no graphic images in the article

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