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Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post
The twist was terrible, left a really bad taste in my mouth.

Considering Alec's mention last ep about Topaz "constantly breaking the rules", anyone else get the feeling that this was BB's way of punishing Topaz? They basically laid out her entire strategy and thoughts about the rest of the house for everyone to see. That's pretty ****ed up. I have little doubt that she was encouraged to "talk it out" with herself while she was in the HoH room too.

Gary crying about the slop was hilarious, in a sad sort of way. This house has had some classic crying fits, that's for sure.
She hasn't mentioned that she was pushed to think out loud, that was just her being dumb. In that environment you can't be that naive to think out loud like that.

Remember, in BBUS everytime a HG goes up to the HOH to talk to Julie, she makes sure to mention that no one else can hear what they're saying. Topaz just assumed that they were treating the HOH like a diary room and started to blab away. Her always cussing out production probably didn't help her though.

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