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Originally Posted by GodTukka View Post
Not everyone has money for more then one console you know.

Maybe it's more i'm still kind of sore after what they did to Metroid
Thats the problem, Not everyone has the money. I think I'm the most casual gamer. I play on my phone more than I do my 3ds. Why? Because it is always on me and is much more portable. Games are cheap and fun. While I bought starfox 64 for 39.99$...I feel like I got robbed. A game that could be an iphone game for 6.99$ or less!!!

I think nintendo just isn't getting the casual market as they did with the wii. The Wii U is expensive and doesn't really have the hype that the wii had. I also don't feel like forking over 350$ for games that are already out on PS3 which I have. Which means regular gamers might not want to dish out the cash for games they may already own and played. If the Wii U can't attract casual gamers then 30 million units would be close to what they will sell in the consoles lifespan. Since most of the casuals will go mobile(phone and tablets) this generation imo.

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