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I run a dynasty here in Chicago in the over-30 league that just won its 8th championship in 9 seasons. Here's a tip I'll give you that others haven't mentioned.

To notify my team of games I send out a mass email and I encourage everyone to "reply all" with their answer as to whether or not they will be at the game. The reason I do this is to build team chemistry. In the old days, you would see your teammates 4 times a week for pratices and games and often more than that if you were classmates. But, as we get older and move onto rec league you are lucky if you are with your team once a week. Therefore, I use the mass email as a way to simulate a locker room. Throughout the week leading up to a game the guys are always going back and forth on the email chain with playful trash talking and banter. This helps build friendships and a feeling of "team". When we do get to the locker room that banter spills over and continues in person.

After each game I send out another email with a recap that always has some playful barbs in it.

As for attendance I have a strict policy on my team that we cut it off after 13 skaters reply IN. 3 lines and 4 d is our limit. If more than 13 reply in I decide who plays and who stays home. If someone has to stay home they get first pick for the next game they want to attend. I also don't accept maybe as an answer. You are either in or you're out. Because of this system I don't have a problem with players bailing at the last minute.

Send the emails out at least 4-5 days in advance, don't wait till the day before or day of. Also, ask your goalie to give you as much advance notice as possible to games he can't make. Have a sub list of at least 3-5 goalies you can call. And don't charge your goalie, that's just gay.

I don't like the payment plan suggested by others. Money is due first game, , most people will get it to you by the 2nd game. For those that can't afford to pay all at once have them come to you individually and work out a payment plan.

As captain, bring pucks and water bottles unless you have someone else who wants to do it. Try and be the first one to arrive so you can get the locker room, fill up the bottles etc.

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