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04-01-2013, 01:11 AM
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A thread like this makes it clear that Wings fans could probably use some down seasons just to get a dose of reality back. There are a number of very reasonable posts about how he's a rookie, played a ton, hit a wall which is expected, played more than most on the team, has stats anyone would have loved before his debut, been only as bad as other players around him really, is also learning the NHL game/learning to play a 2-way game, forechecks with fantastic effort, hasn't gotten a shot on Dats wing, played almost every game this season, done things we'd be thrilled if some of the over-loved (not overrated--it's too soon to tell) prospects had done them, and now been relegated to a position from which he's likely not to produce.

Chill people. So if our options are make the playoffs and lose badly in the first round or miss the playoffs... the real question is what Holland does this summer. I hope he re-signs Brunner. The guy is a pure scorer even if he's cold now. And he's working his tail off trying to be an NHLer (and a Wing with the 2-way responsibility to boot). He's barely 27 and fills in that age gap nicely too. And now that he's slumping he's going to be cheaper than before.

Remember, all we needed him to do was replace Hudler. He's done that. And he's going to be cheaper regardless. And if worst he's on Helm's line... that will work next year.

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