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04-01-2013, 01:22 AM
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Don't think Lombardi acquires a forward, but maybe a defenseman as insurance.

Either J-Bo's contract or other teams' interest scares Lombardi away. Have to go with Regehr, who I think would be a great pick-up for a second-round pick and a later pick next year (similar to what Leopold got).

edit: It's also been reported that Smid is very close to signing an extension, so he's basically off the market.

edit #2: I know this is not an option, but I think Penner also gets traded for a third-round pick or something...similar situation to Gagne. Just not fitting in right now. Plus Lombardi expressed he wants to roll with 8D, so if they acquire Regehr they would have to send Toffoli down, and quite honestly, he's outplayed Penner.

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