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04-01-2013, 03:07 AM
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Originally Posted by WJG View Post
I haven't followed the Kings story at all, but for what it's worth I hope they stay in Sacramento.

I want Seattle to get a team because of what happened, but I just hope it's not the Kings who seem to have been around forever. For an NHL comparison, it would be like if the Islanders had relocated to Winnipeg instead of the Thrashers. I want Seattle to get a team, just not at the cost of Sacramento losing a team.

That, plus the Kings were once my favorite team in the NBA. I remember the good old days of Bibby, C-Webb, White Chocolate, Peja, Vlade Divac, Christie, etc.
Not really.. The Kings went to Sacramento in 1985 and has relocated four times already. While in Sacramento, they have two division titles and never won a championship. They aren't comparable at all to the Islanders.


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