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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
Dd gets as much unwarranted praise as criticism, more so in my opinion.

For example, last year there were endless posts praising DD for having the 14th highest number of points for NHL centers, a decontextualized stat that falsely implies DD was a top 15 center.

Many assumed he was better than Plekanec offensively, and there were comparisons made to Martin st-louis.

DD has also been praised for dominating the ECHL at age 22 ("he has dominated wherever he has played"), when in fact this is a non-argument, as there are about 10 centers in our division alone why would break 100 points in the ECHL if they actually played there at age 22. Dd also dominated the AHL at age 24 - i am afraid to think of what Eller would produce in the AHL if he played there this year.

Some people actually posted that Erik Cole had a career season because of DD's vision and playmaking. Ummm, no. Erik Cole spent a decade playing with Eric Staal, a superior player.

There have also been people; the same people i think, who say Pacioretty emerged last year because of DD's vision - the same Pacioretty who had 29 points in 37 games with Gomez the previous season, against tougher opposition even.
Usually, in a normal fanbase, every player of every team gets unwarranted praise. It's normal. We are fans. We love our players and we often see them bigger than they really are. That DD finished 20th in points among centers in the NHL is still an exploit, considering he's not a top 20 center in this league. He deserves a lot of credit for that. In the last 15 years, only 3 other Habs centers finished in the top 20 (Plekanec, Koivu and Ribeiro, all very good players). So it's normal that it gets fans excited.

Unwarranted praise is normal. But unwarranted criticism? For stuggling, overpaid players, yes. David Desharnais, when we consider expectations and salary, is neither of these 2. He's just a player coming out of nowhere who, because of hard work, has built for himself an important role on our team. He did that despite the genetics working against him, despite the scouts not seeing anything in him, despite a portion of the fanbase not willing to give him a chance at all, etc.

How can a guy like that get any unwarranted criticism from its own fanbase??? This is something I'll never understand.

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