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04-01-2013, 04:05 AM
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Originally Posted by TorMenT View Post
If you read my whole post, you would have seen that I said they should still try to better the roster. Reading is hard.

My argument was against people who say things like we have no chance at a cup this year because we have one spot were weak. Every team that's ever won a cup hasn't been perfect at every position. Even if we don't get a good 2C at the deadline, we still have a shot at the cup. Would be much better to fill the hole, though.
No you didn't you went on and on about how this roster is fine and Q needs to win with them. You never actually said Bowman should try to better you said he could make it better.

Then you throw your reading is hard blast which makes you look like a complete fool since you never actually said what you are saying you did. But way to crack on me for reading and comprehending what you wrote while you didn't. Ironic.

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