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Originally Posted by Mr. Hab View Post
Cherry not bashing Subban or the Habs...about time.
(I must be dreaming...a whole 37 seconds on CBC!! they must really hate complimenting the Habs!).

And...another Orr comparison (loving it).

I still think today's hockey is a lot faster, way more dangerous, taller/bigger players, heavier equipment...harder to be a dominating dman today VS in the 60s, 70s and 80s...imho. Harder to score on golaies VS 30-40 yrs doubt about that. Not to take away any respect from hockey in the past,'s hockey is just so much faster and tougher (also more concussions today for a reason).

Gorges and Markov: I'm a huge Gorges fan (especially when he was making less!), but what he said back then in January...that's in the past, but I have to admit...I didn't like his face (facial expression) when he said those things...''why talk about him...this is a team game...let's talk about the team''. was made so obvious that they just didn't want to welcome Subban obvious. Same with Markov...didn't like how Markov said ''we talk about him when he's in the dressing room...right now he's not here'' (really didn't like how cold they both they wanted to ignore Subban like he was **** to the team...).

Go Subban Go!!
I'm not so sure concussions are any more prevalent today than days of yesteryear tbh. I think we have better tools to diagnose them, but concussions were definitely happening in the 80's at a high rate.

I don't know how many times I've seen a player rocked in the 80's, try to get back up and fall down again as his equilibrium was completely out of whack, today they'd be diagnosed, then they'd go to the bench, maybe miss a shift and come back out. Just because we weren't aware of the seriousness or frequency of head injuries then doesn't mean they weren't happening.

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