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04-01-2013, 06:58 AM
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Originally Posted by habsfanatics View Post
I agree that you need both roles filled, however PK's can only be filled by PK, there are better dman in the league at this point, but he's 23 years old. Only a handful of players can be put in the same breath and Subban plays a role that only he can fill imo. Not necessarily the very best dman in the league, but the best at what he does.

Gorges is replaceable. He contributes in a way that he has to because his offensive awareness/skills are a black hole. I like gorges the player, but find he sounds a little punch drunk in interviews. There are many guys who are sound defensively and block shots. If Gorges could do the things PK can, he would, but he can't so he has found a way to make a career, nothing wrong with that and teams need those guys. I found that when Subban was struggling making poor decisions and growing with maturity some of his team mates piled on instead of supporting Subban. You don't change PK Subban, his swag is what makes him so good. It might rub some of the veterans the wrong way that a 22/23 year old comes in with such confidence and cockiness, but too bad, they need to be supportive, Subbans enthusiasm and desire to be the best is what makes him the player he is.

All Gorges had to say was PK is a future star and an integral part to this team and we can't wait to ave him back or he's an important part to this teams success ect ect. He blew an opportunity to show some unity and be supportive of his star dman.

Luckily for the habs PK has those broad shoulders, because if it had been someone like Louis Leblanc it could have been devastating to hear comments like those, but PK's outstanding character allowed him to take it in stride
. Maybe they knew PK would be a better player because of it, maybe they didn't, either way IMO, they should have been more supportive.
VERY VERY true. how everyone is forgetting that Markov was also in on it but we have to shelter Markov!!!

Markov said ''what do I think about PK coming back? why you ask me this? is he here? he's not here yet...ask me when he's here...ask me about the team...''

What a HUGE ******* YOU to Subban if you ask me.
No welcome mat, no nothing...just a huge f you.

Look at Subban of the best dmen in the history of the NHL...if not the best already.
Almost every dman out there is so boring to watch compared to Subban (hard not to admit that or just hard-headed).

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