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Originally Posted by Partisan du CH View Post
Usually, in a normal fanbase, every player of every team gets unwarranted praise. It's normal. We are fans. We love our players and we often see them bigger than they really are. That DD finished 20th in points among centers in the NHL is still an exploit, considering he's not a top 20 center in this league. He deserves a lot of credit for that. In the last 15 years, only 3 other Habs centers finished in the top 20 (Plekanec, Koivu and Ribeiro, all very good players). So it's normal that it gets fans excited.

Unwarranted praise is normal. But unwarranted criticism? For stuggling, overpaid players, yes. David Desharnais, when we consider expectations and salary, is neither of these 2. He's just a player coming out of nowhere who, because of hard work, has built for himself an important role on our team. He did that despite the genetics working against him, despite the scouts not seeing anything in him, despite a portion of the fanbase not willing to give him a chance at all, etc.

How can a guy like that get any unwarranted criticism from its own fanbase??? This is something I'll never understand.
I agree with this post for 90% of it. DD has definitely had the deck stacked against over his career and through hard-work, determination and outstanding hockey sense has found a way to most definitely be a net positive on a contending club. I love DD and what he has gone through. I think some are excessive on the size issue tbh, I want size too, but not any player with size will do. I'd rather a small skilled guy who can produce than a big guy who doesn't.

The last part of your post is where I think we may disagree, I'm not sure if you were insinuating that the hate comes from the fact that he is francophone, I certainly hope not. There may be a few posters who think the only reason DD was re-signed is because he's a francophone, but they are a huge minority imo.

Most of the irrational dislike for DD comes from his stature, he's not 6 feet tall and he's not 200lbs. Hopefully we stick to the model of drafting players who are good at playing hockey and don't become obsessive with size as the main focus. You need some size, but not at the cost of being a good hockey player.

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