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04-01-2013, 07:15 AM
Steve Kournianos
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Usually there are signs when a coach loses a room. The Red Sox are a prime example, and they loved Francona.

To the Rangers credit, the players havent shown their hand if they have soured on Torts

The 1994 Rangers hated keenan. The 1994-95 Yankees hated Showalter. Sometimes the talent overrides the bad attitudes.

The bottom line -- the players arent producing. Torts is a motivator. If he cant motivate the players to perform, then it all goes to hell in a handbasket because he isnt a tactician.

I dont think a single Rangers fan can blame this entirely on Torts or Sather. Dubinksy and AA were so inconsistent last year, I have a hard time believing their loss would cripple a 50-win team.

gaborik, Richards and the special teams. If gaborik and richards played like last year, you would think a top-15 offense would mean more leads, less pressure on Hank and more victories.

Maybe what -- 5 or 6 wins is the difference from a dominant Gaborik/Richards to the purtrid?

If thats the case, the Rangers would be somewhere around 22-9-3 and nobody would be complaining as much or wanting the head coach fired.

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