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04-01-2013, 07:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post

Bobby Orr scored 120 in 1970. That's 43 years ago. You cannot compare eras, it's dumb.

Bobby Orr would not score 120pts if he was 22 playing today in a full NHL season. Would not happen. Watch a game from the 70s, then watch one today, it's two different leagues. Players today are in much better conditioning, much faster, stronger, equipment is completely different, opposition is a lot stronger.

Who would be better Orr vs PK had they played at the same time? Who freaking knows. Everything is different. Orr scored 135pts in his last season with the Bruins, when's the last time we saw a player score 135pts in the NHL? Does this mean Orr would be the best player today? No it doesn't.

You can't compare eras. Everything was different.

I find it so hard to believe that there are still hard-headed people that cannot admit that the NHL 45 years ago is soooooo different compared to today's NHL.

A dman getting 65-75pts today may be worth 140-150pts back then..maybe more. Everything was in slow motion back then (60s-70s- even in the 80s) compared to today's super super fast NHL.

And to those Hab fans that will take Karlsson over Subban...go watch the Sens. I'm not sure if Karlsson can be an iron-man like Subban.

p.s.: if we could send Subban to the 70s...he'd probably skate circles around everyone. Maybe Subban would get 150pts+, maybe way more than 150pts, since Orr reached 135pts...and that was in the 70s when the NHL was in slow motion.

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