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Originally Posted by Mr. Hab View Post
Fair enough, but let's not just stick to concussions....

Anytime or everytime I see footage from the 70's and 80s...I'm amazed at the difference. The goalies look terrible (even the quipment was terrible compared to late 90s)...sliding here and there like old-timers and the speed is almost slow motion compared to today's speed. Players weren't as fast as today...very obvious from footage. Subban is dominating in 2013 when the game has never been played at a faster pace/speed.

I think the difference is often exaggerated tbh. The bottom tier players are often faster ect, but the top talent was every bit as quick as todays. Mike Gartner still holds the faster skater award.

There are many example of players playing across more than one era and they manage to remain at the top of the league. Joe Sakic, Teemu Selanne, Jaromir Jagr, Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux on one leg scored 35 goals in 43 games. Lidstrom won Norris trophies in his 40's, Bourque was an all-star in 1979 and allstar in 2001. Chris Chelios played until he was 47. mark recchi until 43 and on and on. Sure these are some of the greatest names of all time, but if the league had evolved at the alarming rate that many seem to suggest, these players players would not be at the top of the league at 35+ years old. There are many, many more too.

Gretzky was 97/90 point player at 36/37 years old in the mid 90's when scoring was very low and the evolution of goaltending equipment/style and clutching and grabbing was at an all tie high, all while playing with an injury that no other player in any sport had recovered from. His injury is often overlooked, but was most definitely career threatening and the dr who diagnosed Wayne thought he would never play again, he missed 39 games and was a shell of himself, but he still managed to keep pace with Jaromir Jagr, jagr obviously was the better scorer by then and one of the greatest offensive threats in the history of the game and a 37 year old gretzky with age and injuries working against him along with some of the highest miles put on by a nhl player didn't look out of place.

He led the WJC in scoring as a 16 year old for crying out loud. lol

Gretzky didn't just score oodles of points because it was the 80's, no one else was doing it aside from Mario and one season by Stevie Y, some of the greatest to ever play without a doubt. He was crushing everyone in the league and he crushed everyone in international play as well. Once again, the leading scorer with his assists alone, on top of that he was the leading goal scorer too, haha. He has twice as many points as the next closest scorer in the 4 Canada cups and lead all of them in scoring, simply ridiculous. He was beating up 15 yr olds as a 12 yr old and on and on. I believe the 80's was as much a product of gretzky and the oilers as much gretzky was a product of the 80's.

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