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Originally Posted by allan5oh View Post
You don't think Kane and Bogosian would've improved faster with more development time? I still see flaws in their games that could've been fixed years ago. Kane is too one dimensional, and Bogosian still has serious issues with defensive zone coverage. The problem is Atlanta didn't have any sort of development system, I don't even think they had a proper AHL affiliate.

I don't think that's true, but development through an AHL system for all but absolutely elite players is the best path.
would you have any respect for an organization that refused to give you a raise/promotion "on principal" even though it was quite evident you would be better at the job they were paying other people 10x the amount to do? (as in 10x your ahl salary)

I wouldn't.

"development through the ahl" is the most overstated phrase on here. "oh but detroit does it" right, and they've graduated so many superstars since datsyuk and holmstrom.

"not rushing prospects" doesn't mean forcing them to play in the AHL for a year (which means 2+ junior years) just for fa****s and giggles. it means not bringing them up to the team for any reason other then they've proved they need to be there (atlanta known for bringing players up to drum up interest, much like the oilers with sam gagne, etc etc)

it doesn't mean theres a one size fits all policy for everyone. that's stupid. that's as stupid as saying any first round pick gets a cakewalk onto the roster. it's the exact same thing. It's deciding what to do with a prospect in leu of actually evaluating where they are, what they're capabilities are, and what would best serve them.

making everyone go to the ahl is wrong. there's no two ways about it, that's wrong.
letting every firstround pick get easy entry to the roster is wrong.

what's right is evaluating where your players are every year, and letting them make/force the decision with there play.

anything else is shortsighted and ineffectual all for the sake of some self-serving "plan" just to say "we made him work for it". And that my friend, is bull-****.

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