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04-01-2013, 08:58 AM
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Originally Posted by kenjets36 View Post
Sorry if you think this is a message with continuity, i'm writing in response to each of your points which also lack continuity:

I looked at and remember last year. We had the same goal scoring problems.

Lack of hunger attitude stems from the coach as much as it does the players. Just something else to keep in mind.

1 player scoring 41 goals is not an indication of a successful system, it is a testament to that player's abilities.

I don't have hate for Torts. However, his system is not what hockey is about. It actually ruins hockey in my opinion. We have pure goal scorers on this team who get benched for not having strong board play... The net is not along the boards, while that may be something to harp on in practice and try and improve on I doubt a consistent nightly benching of Chris Kreider, or Marion Gaborik, or whoever happens to find themselves in the doghouse will yield us much results. In addition, our coach makes no in game adjustments and bases the majority of his decisions on "gut feelings". When you keep sending Brad Richards out on the shoot out your gut is wrong, John.

Players are playing flat and tentative instead of attacking... Our system is not based on attacking. If forechecking is what you call attacking you have a gross misinterpretation of attacking in hockey. What the Penguins do, create incredibly consistent offensive zone chances... that's attacking. Pinning the puck behind the net with 3 skaters and then passing the puck along one side of the boards to the next to the point men until they shoot wide of the net in hope of a deflection... that's not attacking. If what you mean is our guys are not playing with energy? Yes, that would be a correct observation. But attacking? Our system inhibits the notion of attacking most nights. Get caught out of position up ice and you're likely losing ice time or being reamed out. Players are afraid to attack here.

"give it up... watch the game... not the scoreboard"

I'm watching the game. We look like ****. I'm also watching the scoreboard. It looks like **** (for us). The funny thing is, the scoreboard is usually a really good indicator of the team's game (consistently of course. I'm not talking about a 2 game sample size where we have 0 goals). We've beaten like 4 playoff teams this entire season. That's a scary statistic. We have the least goals in the league... that's a scary statistic. I don't see your point. Our "game" looks like ****. Our moral looks like ****. Maybe, just maybe, its cause our system is **** too...
It is hard to argue your points bc those are scary categories to be in.. we just dont have an identity.. and its tru about gabs abilities over system bc he played in the most defensive system in the NHL with Min and still had success.. your point is so true!..however the effort from him has to be better.. he paid to lead this team offensively as is Richards.. I dont think its the system as much as its these guys not being successful and contributing.. our success is based off of how well they are playing.. if our top scorer and 1c arent playing well we arent goign to go anywhere.. and Forechecking is everything in this league... if you have a good forecheck you dictate the game and you either get possession of the puck or create turn overs into chances.. thats not an issue..

but i like your points.. i think theres so much going on right now.. sooner or later somethings going to have to change..

Would you guys trade something around Gaborik, top prospect, and 3rd (FL) for Pavelski+

next year buyout richards if possible.. just thinking outside the box for fun, not that its possible..

Zuk-Pavelski-Horton (sign him)
(sign him) Torres-Boyle-Haley

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