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04-01-2013, 09:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Whileee View Post
...and we all know that the COG would never screw up an administrative or council action.

(But I agree that the COG's intention to put up the $25 million was never in doubt. In retrospect, maybe the NHL should have asked for $35 million, and then applied the extra towards lowering the sale price. I expect that the COG would have paid an even larger price at that point to keep the team).
On the hotstove on the weekend, it was mentioned that the league and the PA were still odds on the 25 mil counting as HRR. I was under the impression, that was resolved already and it was agreed upon.

Not that the new council is likley to fork over another 20-25 mil for the 13/14 season. If it does count as HRR and the league is looking for Council to blink first, could they ask for 50 mil this spring since half would go to the PA?

It may the 'no' the league has been looking for, which the previous council would never do....from there, the moving trucks will be lined up!

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