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04-01-2013, 11:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Captain Smurf View Post
Eller play's on the third line in Montreal and started the year on the 4th line. He doesn't get PP time. despite all that the Canucks only have 5 forwards outproducing him (excluding Kesler). I'm not sure what you mean by offensive opportunity, as Kassian has gotten more PP time and they have played comparable minutes.

I can literally find no basis as to why Kassian is better than Eller RIGHT NOW or that Eller couldn't crack Vancouver's line-up.

Is this an April Fools thing?
I watch about 80% of Montreal games, I know exactly where Eller plays and how he is used. Eller is a good 2 way player, right now hes worth every bit of his 4 goals offensively. Let me clarify, Eller would not play on a healthy Canucks team right now. Hes not good enough defensively to play 3rd line center and hes not good enough offensively to play anywhere else. Hes also not a 4th liner (although clearly a better player then that).

My statement was that given equal opportunity this season (a player drafted 2 years after Eller) would imo outproduce him offensively without being significantly worse defensively while having an upside that Eller couldn't dream about.

This is I believe my second post on the trade board, that's how ludicrous the idea is to me. Kassian has shown many signs of Bertuzzi level ability, and is unlikely not to turn into a significantly better player then Eller is likely to ever be and that is ignoring the remaining elc/RFA years that would be very valuable to a cap team.

Hansen is IMO a much more reasonable target for an Eller trade straight across. Hansen is better and cheaper but Eller is younger, has more upside and is a center. I could see that trade making sense even though I am not sure I would do that.

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