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04-01-2013, 10:09 AM
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Originally Posted by HankyZetts View Post
This is so BS. So many theories on hfboards just snowball out of control because people love to "group-think". I don't know who it is that started this idea that Clowe is slow and useless? He's a wrecking-ball and skates hard, doesn't have agility, obviously, but he can definitely move. The guy is a deterrent and a nightmare for dmen on the forecheck. Goes to the net and has enough offense to provide secondary scoring. And he's a great fighter.

I don't want to overpay for him, but I definitely want him on my team.
That is not b.s. He's a weak skater. His regression is quite obvious this year. Plus he takes a lot of bad penalties, and our PK is already I am not sure we should be adding someone that will put us in our weakest situation over and over again.

Sure he hits, no one said otherwise, but he doesn't provide secondary scoring this year, and he has as many fights as Moen.

The theory that he is a fighting machine that can score is the theory that snowballed out of control, and this year it's clearly not true.

In the 12 or so games I have watched him, he has not done much except for taking a few bad penalties. He had a few big hits, but it's not as if he was hitting the opposition into submission. They were just run of the mill hits. That's his biggest asset though, and Montreal could use a little more grit. However he tends to give up the puck a fair amount, so the grit he brings to the team would be outweighed by the bad penalties, lack of production and slow skating that won't fit into our playing style.

Everyone keeps saying they want him on our team, but they don't want to overpay. Well, the thing is the Sharks want good assets for this pending UFA that doesn't particularly fill a need we have. So if we want him, we will have to overpay.

For a 4th rounder? Sure, that would be great, but we all know that San Jose wants much more than that.
I doubt Bergevin is willing to overpay for a pending UFA that's having such a terrible season. He's not that short sighted.

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