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Originally Posted by MXD View Post
it kinda sucks in that optic.

However, there's something I'm slightly worried about regarding Smid.

He never played with a decent team, and mostly played with brutal ones.

He never was anything more than their 3rd best D-Men... and he was mostly in their bottom-3.

He's a defensive specialist with little or no offensive output. Yet his team was often in the bottom-5 teams regarding goals allowed.

I saw Smid play and I know what he can bring. However, I wonder if there isn't something that we can't see (due to not seeing Smid play all that often) about him. Because if he was that good, well, probably the Oilers would have done a better job at keeping the puck out of their nets.

To be fair, he was possibly graduated a little earlier that he should've, and the Oilers certainly improved defensively, at least this year.

But I wonder if he isn't even more brutal than we think he is at moving the puck.
To be honest, no matter how crappy the teams he played for are, I still take what he brings on the table for 3.5M way before Gorges' shot blocking for nearly 4M a year.

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