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04-01-2013, 11:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Huffer View Post
This is going to be an interesting trade deadline for us for sure. It will even be interesting in regards to any deals we don't make. (If we hang on to all of our UFA's).

I think our recent stretch of games has made things more challenging for Cheveldayoff. If we would have done better going back to the Washington home games, it would most likely look like the division was locked up, and he might have been more inclined to add a few pieces to help in the playoffs. Now with the playoffs being anything but a certainty, I'm not sure what Chevy's mindset will be.

In regards to Hainsey, I don't know if there is an absolute correct answer. I can definitely see pro's and con's to all courses of action. I think that is where the discussion comes from, in that there isn't A or B, but varying conditions, and "If's" on both sides of the argument.

For me, I don't know if I have 1 preferred outcome, but more of a preferred order of outcomes, which all depend on certain conditions. In order:

1) Resign Hainsey before the TD - The condition here is that we would have to get him on an acceptable contract. I don't see a replacement for Hainsey either in the org, or in FA. Considering we are two days to the TD, I'm not sure how feasible this option is. Of course all the Jets can really do here is make their best offer. It's up to Hainsey if he wants to re-sign or test UFA. I wouldn't blame the guy if he tested UFA to get one last big contract.

2) Trade Hainsey at the deadline - The condition here is that the return has to be substantial. It has to be enough to not allow Chevy to refuse, and enough to offset the loss of Hainsey's contributions to the rest of this season and helping this team make the playoffs.

3) Keep Hainsey at the deadline - IF the return on dealing Hainsey at the deadline isn't substantial, it's probably more beneficial to have him onboard to try and make the playoffs and get the team that experience. Because that has value as well.

The key point between #2 and #3 is the potential return in a trade. I'm looking at it like a scale with the weights on either side. On one side is the value in the playoffs and Hainsey's value in making that happen, and on the other side is the return in a trade. It's highly subjective, and I don't even know what I would consider enough (1st?), but a trade return has to be enough to tip the scale that way for me.

4) Resign Hainsey before UFA - If the Jets go with #3, I hope they try to resign him before he goes to UFA. Of course the condition is that it has to be a good deal, but like #1, I'm not sure where his replacement comes from.
These are my exact feelings too.

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