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04-01-2013, 10:36 AM
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The idea that the COG will put up one dime is preposterous! This time around they know that any money over $2.5MM (tax revenue receipts) is money down the crap hole! The AMF, assuming their is a competitive bidding process, will be a low margin agreement! They also know that any prospective owner is going to be faced with perhaps the worst team economics in the league. Consider, the cap next year will be in the low 60`s, assuming they sell every seat for every game (not likely) and charge an average of $10 more per seat ($45) the revenue will amount to a measly $32.2MM! With average team operating costs in the low $80MM range they need to find another $50MM to make up the difference! Think that is possible when there is high probability they will miss the Po`s this year and the coach will be looking for greener pastures along with a high % of their UFA`s! Don`t forget the location is NOT getting any closer to their preferred patrons. To those who think the COG will cave, need i say anything more than GWI!!!

Bottom line: only a group of morons would consider such an upside down business model a good thing! What we are being fed is the goofy propaganda that the league seems to turn a blind eye to! Had they, GB and his comrades in deceit, done one ounce of DD, the likes of IEH, MH, GJ and now the clown from CA would have been disqualified years ago! To own a hockey team, such as this one, an owner will require far more reserves and financial liquidity than most of his peers! losses will continue for many years into the future. To pay $70MM (vs. $170MM) for the right to lose this much money is too much-therefore calm down, these would be buyers being trotted out are nothing more than that. They will all be gone in a few weeks, so to the fans make the most of these last few home games, you are the ones who got screwed in this whole debacle!

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